About ZIPaboo

The ZIPaboo Story

The patent-pending ZIPaboo was a concept that I thought of at 2am in the morning while changing my son, Jake’s diaper.  He was five months old at the time and still not sleeping through the night.  Jake was our first son; the first baby I had ever held.  After five months of waking up 3-4 times a night, not only was I exhausted; I was delirious too.

I had spent months trying to figure out a way to change his diaper in the middle of the night without disturbing him so he would easily fall back asleep.  But, nothing worked!  I would try to change his diaper with the absolute least amount of light possible to get everything unpackaged, cleaned, repackaged, suited up in pajamas, and back in to the crib.  It was always a struggle because whatever type of pajama I used seemed to take too long to change, always woke him up, and resulted in us watching reruns of the Golden Girls every night together.   I started using pajamas that had snaps in the legs and up the chest, but I spent so long re-aligning snaps that he perked up and was ready to play.  Or, I used a zippered pajama and would practically have to get him completely undressed to change his diaper.  My favorite aspect to the zippered pajamas was playing pretzel leg with my five month old to get it crammed in to the awkward side.  It did not make any sense to me.  I was growing more and more frustrated with traditional footed pajamas.

And this was the moment that ZIPaboo was born!  I stood over my sweet little boy and thought, “This is crazy!  Why isn’t there a round zipper that gives me direct access to what I need?”  The next morning, I loaded Jake up in the car and we drove to a local tailor to create our first prototype.  I received it back after a few days and we tried it on that night.  It worked GREAT!  I actually surprised myself by how easy and functional it was to use.